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PreZero on the wave of innovation

PreZero affirms its presence at the most important trade fairs in the recycling industry

At Plastic recycling Show Europe 2023, one of the most popular trade fairs in the recycling field, the PreZero Polymers team actively participated by presenting its services in the recycling field and new innovations in terms of plastics.

During the exciting program talks, but also during the booth visits, an important and omnipresent theme in the industry was, of course, the gap in recycling and the next steps to close it.

There is no doubt that the sooner companies engage in planning for products and packaging containing recycled material, the sooner they will be able to achieve the recycling rates required by the EU and stakeholders.

At PRSE 2023, PreZero Polymers won together with Kunststoff Recycling Grünstadt and their partner COMPO the award for plastic packaging products. An award of which they are very proud and which shows that together with partners and customers they can act in a future-oriented way to achieve EU recycling rates.

The award-winning packaging was made of 98 percent recyclable plastic: the bottle is made of 100 percent recycled white or clear HDPE. The other components, such as the cap, pourer, cap seal, and label were also almost entirely made of recycled material.

Another curiosity: further recycling is designed from the beginning: the fertilizer is made of high-quality recycled plastic from household waste, and every part of the container can also be recycled after simply removing the labels.

PreZero does not stop here, but in the coming months it will continue to be present at numerous other high-profile national and international trade fairs, including Plast in Milan (from September 5 to 8, 2023), The Fakuma in Friedrichshafen (from October 17 to 21, 2023) and Ecomondo in Rimini (from November 7 to 10).
At these events, the PreZero team will take the opportunity to present new developments, new products, and will be happy to welcome and answer any requests and curiosities.

Brighter colors thanks to investments in raw material quality and processes
Accurate selection of raw materials and increasingly innovative sorting plants are the combination needed to produce plastics with high levels of purity and reduced contamination, making them increasingly substitutable for virgin material.

The material made by PreZero Polymers is suitable for many applications, such as gardening items and toys, and offers its customers the opportunity to differentiate themselves and have a competitive advantage in the market by making high-quality products with recycled material.

To satisfy the many demands of their customers and to achieve the goal of replacing virgin material with recycled, PreZero’s R&D team also works daily to expand the range of colors, making them brighter and shinier. As such, some of the new color nuances realized range from blue grey, lilac, and red to very light colors such as green and soft blue.

There is one news: PreZero is closing the recycling loop by announcing that, starting in October, new products made from their new color range of plastic material will be available on Lidl’s shelves for all end consumers.