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ECHOTOWER®: zero noise & zero waste

ECHOJAZZ acoustic solutions combine sustainability with the simplicity of good design

The world is changing fast: space and silence are already scarce assets of calm and comfort, and they will be harder and harder to find. Be it in creatively designed open office spaces, in a homely waiting room, or in trendy gastronomy hubs, people need to feel comfortable in every room. ECHOJAZZ offers solutions to improve heavily frequented and acoustically challenged rooms with comforting and sustainable effect.

 Uncompromising design: Dimly lit conference rooms with thick curtains and carpet on the walls belong to the past. We aim to allow for the absorption of acoustic disturbance in every room without restricting modern design visions and architecture.

Maximum sustainability: The building and construction industry is one of the biggest waste producers of our planet. This must change. We begin with a product that is 100% recyclable and we seek to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations (UN) for responsible consumption and production.

Boundless inspiration: It is the creative economy’s responsibility to reinvent faulty materials, products, and business models, to live sustainability, and to inspire people.

ECHOJAZZ creates high-performance acoustic absorbers for a strong improvement of comfort and room quality in architecture, gastronomy, creative industry, open office spaces, and homes. The products are designed and assembled locally in Kriens (Switzerland) to match highest demands for design and simplicity.

More ecological, tougher, and more flexible in application than any other comparable product: all products are fabricated of long-lasting high-tech felt made of 100% PET. This allows for a high proportion of recycled raw materials and results in the wool-like quality and characteristics of our EchoBoards®.

ECHOJAZZ cares for individual and custom-made solutions that appeal to a great array of projects, and offers a wide range of smart standard products. And then, after the project is before the project: thanks to a return-programme ECHOJAZZ is able to recycle 100% of used products.

EchoTower®, the pioneering product in zero noise and zero waste for every room
The acoustic column is made entirely of ECHOJAZZ EchoBoard®. The certified material meets the highest requirements in terms of ecological and health requirements and consists of over 50% recycled PET bottles. But over 50% recycling is not enough! With a zero waste target, ECHOJAZZ products are shredded together with production waste to produce EchoFlakes®. With these flakes made from old EchoBoard® boards, the material cycle closes without waste. More than 750 PET bottles are recycled in an EchoTower® SQUARE L.

Zero noise & high performance
Especially in rooms with a lot of glass and concrete, the monolith increases the sense of well-being with outstanding absorption values. One EchoTower® SQUARE M is sufficient for a meeting room up to 15 sqm. For larger rooms one EchoTower® SQUARE L per 15 sqm is recommended. For low tones a placement in the corners of the room is ideal, for higher tones the EchoTower® can also be placed in the middle of the room. The acoustic column is robust, easy to clean and lightfast – in addition, the EchoTower® has a regulating effect on the room temperature and humidity. 

Made in Switzerland
The monilith with a homogeneous felt surface looks like a single piece and is delivered assembled. An adjustable foot, with or without rollers, made of powder-coated sheet steel can be optionally supplied with each EchoTower®. Swiss design, made in Switzerland.

ECHOJAZZ – about
The Swiss start-up from Kriens near Lucerne has specialised in ecological, robust and flexible high-performance sound absorbers made from recycled PET bottles since 2015. The products are tailor-made for individual solutions to increase comfort and room quality in architecture, gastronomy, creative industries, open office spaces, school buildings and homes. 100% Swiss design, 100% zero waste.