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Five companies’ synergy for global leadership

Pegaso Industries aims to reach an ever-widening audience to export its model of quality, efficiency and reliability

Pegaso Industries was founded in 2019 from the union of 5 companies in Italy and 5 foreign subsidiaries that in less than 25 years have managed to conquer the market of plastic processing equipment. Pegaso Industries coordinates general administration, strategic marketing and human resources as well as security and IT services for all the companies in the group, known under the brands: Plastic Systems, Pet Solutions, Blauwer, Ergomec and Steel Systems.

During the PLAST trade show in Milan, we had the pleasure of video-interviewing young Alberto Piva – Head of Business Development at PET Solutions – representing the new generation of executives within the Group, and of gathering history-rich testimony on the company’s evolution from Gianfranco Cattapan – CEO of Plastic Systems.

Gianfranco Cattapan, Rinaldo Piva, Michele Zanon

“Our Group was established just a few years ago,” says Gianfranco Cattapan, “but it can count on the considerable experience gained by the individual companies that make it up, which have contributed to the creation of a dynamic company with a strong vocation for innovation.
Today Pegaso Industries holds a prominent place among the world leaders in the plastics processing sector, thanks to an enlightened vision and the support of 500 employees worldwide.
At the European level we are among the top three groups in our industry, but we are also the last to be born 29 years ago, so we have worked harder to achieve these goals in a short time. Competition does not scare us; on the contrary, it pushes us to always do better and anticipate market needs.”

What sets your offering apart from competitors?
“Our goal is to provide innovative products with constantly evolving technology. What sets us apart is our ability to design and manufacture not only series machines, but also special and turnkey plants, even large ones, created to suit the customer’s needs. Our group employs about 100 engineers located in various technical departments, and we invest 5% of our turnover annually in R&D. Over the past three years, we have built sizable plants for prestigious international customers in both the compound and other sectors. We are now completing a major plant in Valle d’Aosta, intended to serve 130 presses automatically, with three control units of 50 inputs and outputs each. This is one of the largest plants ever built in Italy, reflecting all the requirements of Industry 4.0 with state-of-the-art automation.

We are currently engaged in research in the Chemical Recycling field, an area that will develop in the short term to cover areas that cannot be reached by mechanical recycling. Here, too, we have made efforts to listen to requests from customers who needed support in this field. We are always very attentive in picking up insights from the market. In both PET and compounding, we have developed technologies by working together with leading partners in the press and extruder sectors.This co-participation in projects is often long-term because we believe that working as a team leads to faster and more effective developments that take into account process complementarity. Having a dialogue with partners and customers builds the path to innovation. This is our real distinctiveness and strength.”

What are the market trends in your industry and how do they affect your business?
“During these exhibition days at PLAST we had the opportunity to meet customers who proposed interesting projects to us: we are sure that good development prospects will arise from this as early as the first half of 2024. Our booth attracted the attention of many operators from a wide range of sectors, and we noticed an important turnout even from countries as far away as Argentina, Chile and Brazil, eager to learn about our technologies, in addition, of course, to the usual Italian and European visitors.

Despite the current uncertain situation due to the COVID years, we have been noticing a recovery in the industry for the past two years. Having offices located in strategic locations around the world makes us global and allows us to respond quickly to the needs of various markets. Our desire to conquer more and more markets around the world goes hand in hand with pursuing constant improvement of our products to add value to our work and that of those who put their trust in us.”

Group companies

PET Solutions Spa has over 25 years of history and offers a wide range of products for dehumidification, drying, storage, feeding and conveying of plastic material. Each series features a wide variety of models that differ in size, power and dimensions. This, combined with the versatility and production flexibility that have always distinguished the company, allows it to adapt to the different applications required by the market in the beverage sector, with the aim of fully implementing the circular economy through the bottle-to-bottle process.

Plastic Systems Srl is characterized by in-depth knowledge and experience in the fields of dehumidification, plastic granule conveying, mixing and general plastic polymer processing, serving a variety of industries: from automotive to household appliances, medical to toys, and furniture.

Blauwer Spa, established about 10 years ago, comes to the domestic and international market with a series of innovative thermal machines suitable for industrial processes. The company designs, manufactures and installs highly efficient thermodynamic machines capable of treating fluids adopted in industrial processes for cooling, heating and air dehumidification.

Ergomec Srl designs and manufactures turnkey plants for storage, handling, dosing and mixing of bulk, powder or granular raw materials. The realizations are aimed at optimizing the industrial production processes of Italian and foreign compound manufacturers of polyamide, polypropylene, and technical materials.

Steel Systems Srl is specifically dedicated to the production of steel and iron components to meet the quality requirements and timelines of Pegaso Group companies. Technologically advanced machining processes include laser cutting, robotic welding equipment, robotic bending equipment, and other machinery to support various steel processing.