Duet, Choir and Symphony: Circular Plastic Australia named three Projects for a recycling melody!

AMUT has scored a winning trio in Australia, after the third consecutive commissioning of a recycling plant, to the full satisfaction of the customer, in two and a half years.

A repeated success in three projects that is unique in the World due to its peculiarities. AMUT has been involved, with its advanced recycling technologies, in three new World-class plants, which will recycle approximately 60,000 tonnes of post-consumer plastic packaging into high-quality resins (including food grade) annually.

Circular Plastics Australia (PET), a joint venture Pact Group, Cleanaway Waste Management, Asahi Beverages, and Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP) has chosen AMUT as the preferred partner for the design and construction of its “Duet and Symphony” recycling projects in Albury and Melbourne. AMUT was also chosen by the Circular Plastics Australia (PE) joint venture between Pact and Cleanaway for the Choir project, also in Melbourne.

These integrated, custom engineered sorting and washing plants ensure that the bottles are part of a closed cycle, where they are used, collected and given another life. While Duet and Symphony are intended for PET bottles sorting and washing, Choir is for HDPE and PP.

The Duet recycling line, in operation since 2022, was initially conceived for a total 3,400 Kg/h output. Once running and after one year of operation, it is now totalling 4,000 Kg. / h output. A successful result due to AMUT’s design and highly performing solutions, surpassing client’s expectations.

We are proud of the acceptance of AMUT’s highly specialised technology provided to the Symphony project on last November. The exciting opening ceremony of Symphony took place in the presence of Federal Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek and Victorian Minister for Environment Steve Dimopoulos.

Furthermore, in December we got the green light from the client for the Choir project as well.

The world-class Symphony plastic recycling facility is the biggest of its kind in Victoria and furnished with state-of-the-art equipment capable of producing up to 20,000 tonnes per year of recycled PET resin. When

fully operational, Symphony is capable of turning the equivalent of up to one billion 600ml PET plastic beverage bottles a year, into high-value food-grade PET pellets which are then used to make new rPET beverage bottles and food packaging.

Furthermore, the Symphony plant also has the ability to process low viscosity PET tubs and trays.

AMUT washing lines are equipped with the best technical solutions to guarantee high purity of the final PO/PET flakes and in particular the perfect removal of organic and inorganic contaminants and separation of PSA labels and glue. These highly automated washing systems ensure extremely low operational costs with reduced power and water consumptions, and chemicals, too. An important step on the path towards circularity tackling climate change.

AMUT’s commitment to the continuous improvement of the efficiency and reliability of its systems rewards the company with an increasing number of loyal customers worldwide. This latter successful achievement is a milestone consolidating AMUT leadership on the Asia-Pacific region.