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The first choice for those who care about the environment

Caldara Plast, 60 years of activity in the sector of plastic waste recovery and extrusion of technopolymer compounds

Already a precursor of the modern concept of circular economy, today Caldara Plast represents a point of reference in the sector of processing, regeneration and trade of thermoplastic compounds in granules, capable of creating tailor-made products to meet the demands of both the Italian and foreign markets.

A family business founded in 1963 in the heart of Brianza which celebrated 60 years of activity in constant development. Currently Massimiliano, Attilio and Alessandro Caldara manage two distinct Division, in Erba and Alzate Brianza (CO), where respectively the Recovery Division is located, specialized in the management and recovery of scraps of different types of plastics, and the Compound Division, specialized in the production and trade of plastic material compounds, with particular attention to technical polymers.

“We focused everything on the quality of the products – says Massimiliano. In our internal Analysis and Research and Development laboratory, specialized technicians check incoming and outgoing products directly on site to guarantee high and constant quality standards over time, as well as the possibility of customization, in compliance with current regulations. We are among the main companies that produce recycled plastic in Italy and we are able to offer our customers a wide range of regenerated or first choice products of both industrial quality and technopolymers.

Caldara Plast is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified, because we believe it is essential to guarantee processes and products both to our customers and suppliers, who find in us a reliable partner available to support companies that want to correctly dispose of plastic processing waste. The products of the “Caldara 2nd Life” line are certified with the Plastic Second Life (PSV) or Global Recycle Standard (GRS) brand. These certifications guarantee the final customer complete traceability of the materials produced starting from the valorization of plastic waste and are a guarantee of quality and compliance with rigorous environmental and social parameters.

Unfortunately in this period the drop in the prices of virgin raw materials, together with the increase in energy costs, has caused a slowdown in the recycled market. It is clear that in order to give continuity to these materials, it is necessary to have certainty of consumption, otherwise the efforts that start from separate waste collection up to the research and development of technologies to obtain the best possible product in the field of recycling are in vain. For this reason we think that greater protection is necessary from a legislative point of view that clarifies and standardizes the rules that regulate this sector. Europe is preparing for the ecological transition to achieve sustainability objectives, but the countries that are part of it themselves do not have common legislation regarding the recovery of waste. Furthermore, we live in a globalized context, where everyone does everything for the whole world; therefore it is necessary that other countries are also aligned, so that there are no virtuous nations and no nations in which it is possible to circumvent the rules”.

“The fulcrum of our activity is the continuous search for innovation, to explore new products and new technologies, to be able to process post-consumer as well as post-industrial materials – continues the entrepreneur. Modern technologies allow us to obtain a regenerated product that is close to first choice material but with a much more limited environmental impact, both in terms of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and in terms of the reduction of resources used.

Precisely with this in mind, the company has undertaken the process of evaluating its impact on the surrounding environment by analyzing it upstream and downstream of production. This study resulted in an LCP (Life Cycle Perspective), a document that evaluates the company under various environmental data with a future perspective of arriving at an ESG report.

Innovation understood as a renewal action has led Caldara Plast to collaborate with some researchers and teachers from the University of Pisa as part of the ‘Planet Bioplastics’ start up, a reality in which real technical and theoretical skills meet in a constructive dialogue capable of creating innovation.

We firmly believe that the use of regenerated plastic material must increasingly be the first choice of companies that care about the environment, and we will continue our commitment to promote the culture of the second life of plastic and safeguard our resources, always more limited.”