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Consorzio Autonomo Riciclo Plastica Italia: a constantly growing organisation

The C.A.R.P.I. Consortium was established in August 2007 by nine far-sighted entrepreneurs eager to work as a team for the development of a historical Italian industrial supply chain such as that of the recycling of plastic waste from private land. After its birth, membership was extended to collectors and processors as well as to companies offering services to this sector, thus creating a complete supply chain that only today takes the name of Circular Economy, but that has always represented a true national and international excellence.

The mission is to:

  • CO-PARTICIPATE: the same objectives, principles and values.
  • ACT: so that companies get the recognition they deserve in economic, institutional and environmental terms.
  • REDUCE: the environmental impact of plastic waste in Italy: by organising, promoting and guaranteeing its collection, recycling and processing.
  • PROMOTE: the recovery, recycling and transformation chain of plastic waste with effective strategies for an Italian circular economy based on concrete facts and not on words.
  • INFORM: communicate correctly and explain the usefulness of plastics by unmasking fake news, dialogue with institutions and inform them about market issues, offer advice and institutional presence in order to enhance the entire sector.

In order to do this, they offer all these services to C.A.R.P.I. Consortium members:

  • Representation: At institutions, associations, consortia, trade fairs and authoritative bodies to present proposals, studies and projects shared by the main players in the Italian plastics waste chain.
  • Consultancy: To companies with analyses, studies and technical and legal support organised also through partnerships with various environmental law experts and law firms.
  • Communication: Publication of studies, in-depth studies, projects and technical analyses aimed at supporting the supply chain with concrete data and figures, contributing to the implementation and monitoring of the Circular Economy.
  • Research Office: Realisation of studies, analyses and specific projects in favour of the recovery, recycling and transformation of plastic waste supply chain. Constant updating on the evolution of the main Italian and European sector regulations and related operational procedures.
  • E.M.S: An analysis tool that makes careful planning for the circular economy possible. It is a system based on the multiple regression methodology that not only makes it possible to verify the impacts of certain factors on company performance or the operation of certain machinery, but can also generate forecasts on hypothetical changes in future scenarios.
  • Training: On the main news and regulatory updates affecting the supply chain and the world of waste in general, as well as organising refresher courses.
  • Collaborations and opportunities: Creation of market opportunities for the products and services provided by C.A.R.P.I Consortium members through the network established by the Consortium. Collaborations with Institutions, Universities, Forestry Police, Associations, Foundations, Legal and Environmental law firms in order to contribute to the growth of the Italian plastics recycling supply chain.

Today C.A.R.P.I. is composed of more than 55 companies but the number of consortium members is always increasing.