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CMG Granulators at Plast show 2023: Innovative, Energy Efficient and Sustainable Recycling Solutions

CMG Granulators will take part at Plast show 2023 from 5 to 8 September in Milan. Many are the granulators displayed at the stand B11 (hall 22), from the smallest G17 granulator to the biggest EV916 super granulator.
All our solutions are suitable for recycling, thermoforming, extrusion, blow moulding, injection moulding and cables applications.

Innovation & Performance: New cutting chamber design

CMG is introducing a brand new cutting chamber design for its Evoluzione series granulators. The new rotor configuration allows the rotor blades to cut the plastic feedstock perpendicularly against the bed blades, obtaining the highest degree of cutting penetration and precision.
The rotor blades are mounted on the edge of the rotor holding modules and not on a holding block. Not only this feature is beneficial, as the inclination of the rotor blades is very high, but it also allows easy and quick servicing/replacement of the blades, with comfortable access from the front of the machine.


Evoluzione series super granulators for post-consumer recycling

With the new Evoluzione series, CMG presents the EV916 and EV616 models, solutions suitable for the most critical operating conditions, for wet or dry granulation, which require high performance characteristics such as granulation capacity from 2,000 to over 5,000 kg/h, versatility, efficiency and sustainability. The Evoluzione series guarantees operational consistency and wear resistance of a higher degree, with its construction solutions that involve the use of harmonic steel, Hardox and assembled modular structures.


High efficiency shredders: TRM600 with patented blade design

CMG Granulators is one of the very few suppliers of recycling equipment that produces both granulators and shredders. The range of CMG shredders covers small to medium capacity applications, in kg/h: from 200 to 1.500. The TRM series is represented by four models, TRM600, TRM900, TRM1200 and TRM1500, all equipped with the most advanced blade design, covered by patent, and intelligent PLC based controls.


Purpose designed GT line for thermoforming

CMG Granulators introduces a newly designed granulator series for in-line scrap recycling, suitable for sheet, skeletal sheet and reject parts grinding.
The new GT series comprises four models, suitable for small to medium capacities, to cover applications ranging from 200 through to 1.000 kg/h.
The signature feature of the GT series from CMG Granulators is the blade set up design: the rotor blades are positioned at a high degree of inclination, 50°, in respect to the bed blade, so to guarantee the best cutting precision, the highest dimensional homogeneity of the regrind, the lowest sound emissions and absence of powder.


The New G26 Line: flexibility of application and dependability

CMG presents the new G26 granulator line, for application with injection molding, blow molding and extrusion processes. The new G26 Line is made of three models: G26-30, G26-45 and G26-60. The line features integral sound enclosure and a very innovative feed hopper design to accommodate the widest variety of shapes and dimensions for the parts to grind. All models operate in high-efficiency conditions, are all equipped with EISA premium-efficiency motors and can have AMP controls (Adaptive Motor Power). Energy utilization is 20 Wh/kg vs the + 40 Wh/kg of conventional solutions.


New Blow Moulding Solutions

CMG will put on display a new series of recycling system solutions for application with blow molding machines. Many are the very innovative and unique attributes of the new series and all contribute to obtaining the highest degree of productivity, regrind quality (homogeneous particle dimensions and absence of dust), efficiency of operation, cleanest environment and the lowest TCO. The standard configurations of the new series cover capacities starting from 20 kg/h all the way up to 1500 kg/h. The new range is composed of 11 granulator models, all purposely designed for grinding blow molded containers or bulky objects. At Plast show 2023 will be displayed G35-60 and N55-90 models.


Purpose designed screen-less granulators SL series for highly technical injection molding

CMG launches a new series of low speed screen-less granulators with innovative and unique attributes, all contributing to obtaining the highest degree of regrind quality (homogeneous particle dimensions and absence of dust), efficiency of operation, ease of cleaning and the best application flexibility. The new SL range consists of four models, for capacities going from 5 kg/h up to 30 kg/h.


ET series: extrusion solutions for recycling processes

CMG Granulators presents the ET2 configuration applicable to a vast range of models to recycle the trimmings from the extrusion line at the source of them. The high precision of assembly of the cutting chamber allows the granulation of the thinnest trimmings, obtaining the highest degree of regrind quality (homogeneous particle dimensions and absence of dust), efficiency of operation, ease of cleaning and the best application flexibility.


G17 series: Utmost application flexibility and precision cutting

The new CMG series of G17 granulators is designed to obtain the most homogeneous regrind shape and dimensions, along with little to no presence of dust. One additional very unique benefit of this new line is the ability to produce regrind with very small dimensions. The great advantage of dimensionally small regrind is the possibility to add higher percentages to the virgin material with no influence to the quality of the finished product. Small capacity systems, injection moulding machines or extruders, are equipped with small diameter plastification screws, unable to process granules with dimensions exceeding those of the virgin granule. The G17 granulators produce regrind which is dimensionally comparable to the virgin pellet.