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Calprene®H6180S technology from Dynasol received a RecyClass Recyclability Approval

Independent testing shows that Dynasol’s Calprene®H6180S technology is fully compatible with flexible Polyethylene (PE) recycling stream in Europe, following standardised procedures of the RecyClass Recyclability Evaluation Protocols.

The Calprene®H6180S technology is a Styrene-Ethylene-Butylene-Styrene (SEBS) which is a thermoplastic styrenic elastomer (TPS) and is used to enhance the elasticity of reproduced PE based films.

Within the scope of the evaluation carried out by AIMPLAS, a film made of 95% PE and 5% of Calprene® H6180S was tested, with no other components or decoration. The results show that this SEBS is fully compatible with the recycling processes of the PE flexible plastic stream, as long as the density of PE remains below 0,97 g/cm3 and the concentration of the elastomer below 5%. It should be noted that any additional components or attachements used in the final packaging should preferably be made of clear PE.*

Furthermore, extrusion trials shows that the recycled material containing up to 25% of this technology can be used in high-quality applications such as PE blown films, while no impact on the colouration of the clear recyclates was reported.

This Approval points to the benefits when it comes to the use of SEBS in polyolefin packaging for enhancing the properties of materials during recycling and thereby boosting their circularity. The industry can use these findings as the basis for generating additional knowledge on the use of compatibilizers.
* Full conditions of the approval are listed in the Recyclability Approval Letter: Dynasol ‘Calprene H6180S’

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Dynasol, is a joint venture between the Mexican Conglomerate, KUO and Repsol. With six plants in three continents, the company is a world leader in the production of synthetic rubber and rubber chemical markets and serves more than 500 clients in 70 different countries.
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