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Avery Dennison introduces four new premium label papers made with recycled content and alternative fibers

Avery Dennison today unveiled four label papers made from recycled pulp and alternative fibers for the premium packaging segment, including wine and spirits, craft beverages, gourmet foods, beauty and fragrances.

Available in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa (EMENA), the launch comes at a time when industry regulations, corporate environmental policies and consumer demand are contributing to the growing need for sustainable labeling and packaging solutions. The new range includes three new papers made with 100 percent recycled fibers and one with hemp fibers:

Fasson® rPaper Black FSC® 100% recycled (50% PCW and 50% PIW) is a black, center-colored, uncoated paper designed to provide an eye-catching label for various applications.

Its black color ensures a uniform, quality appearance, avoiding white edges or revealing white on the back of wine bottles.
This paper eliminates bleeding problems in ice buckets and offers excellent printability and compatibility with embellishments.


Fasson® rMartelé Black FSC® 100% recycled (50% PCW and 50% PIW) is an uncoated matte paper with a distinctive “hammered” embossed tactile finish.

It matches the existing portfolio of non-recycled Martelé Black, enabling seamless integration into existing labeling solutions. Like rPaper Black, this paper also eliminates the problem of black ink dispersion in ice buckets and, because it is pulp-colored, provides a sophisticated, clean appearance while avoiding the unpleasant problem of a white label edge and reverse side.


Fasson® rMartelé Blanc FSC® 100% recycled (50% PCW and 50% PIW) is also an uncoated matte paper with the same “hammered” embossed tactile finish as rMartelé Black.

This specific product will be available later this year and matches the non-recycled Martelé Blanc in the current portfolio, allowing easy integration into existing wine lines and other high-end products.

It also offers excellent printability with all standard printing methods and decoration techniques.


– New premium labeling possibilities offered by hemp fibers

Fasson® Hemp 50% FSC® paper offers a natural, voluminous feel with its matte white, uncoated surface, perfect for high-quality organic products.

It offers a sustainable alternative to traditional pulp-only papers and uses 50% hemp fibers from France and Germany that can be harvested up to 7 times a year.
Its high grammage also makes it ideal for labels that feature embossed or embossed details.

“By incorporating these sustainable options, our Sustainable ADvantage portfolio helps brands reduce their environmental footprint and move toward a more sustainable and circular economy,” says Vladimir Tyulpin, marketing manager premium solutions at Avery Dennison. “These solutions are particularly beneficial for sectors such as wine, spirits, craft beverages, gourmet foods, beauty, and fragrances, where brand differentiation and sustainability are key.

With a wide selection of recycled liners, rPLUS (an established and proven technology designed to solve ice bucket challenges for white and sparkling wines) and rPET, along with the AD Circular liner recycling program and the use of the Carbon Trust Footprinting reporting tool, Avery Dennison enables companies to make informed decisions and accurately measure product impact.