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The registration is open now for our online “2023 PET Chemical Recycling: Depolymerization Forum”

In 2019, Petcore Europe launched the PET Monomer Recycling Special Industry Group – with initial engagement by companies involved in the development of new and innovative processes to recycle PET and Polyester waste by depolymerization and reusing its monomer constituents.

Due to the growing interest in PET Depolymerisation Recycling, Petcore Europe is happy to announce that the registration is already open for the 4th edition of “2023 PET Chemical Recycling: Depolymerization Webinar” 

What is PET Depolymerization Recycling?

PET Depolymerisation Recycling is innovative.  It opens a completely new perspective on how to deal with the concerns about plastics and plastic waste. Bringing the PET bottles and food containers as well as polyester textiles back to its constituents, monomers or low molecular weight components that allow purification means in principle endless re-use of these PET building blocks. This will improve the circularity of PET since colours, additives and other polymers in multi-layer constructions will be from now on fully recyclable. PET Depolymerisation Recycling helps solving the waste problem by giving all PET waste value. After all efforts from consumers and by the industry to collect and sort the plastic, we can give a guarantee that PET is recycled and does not leave the circle to incineration or landfill. If you are interested to learn more about PET Depolymerisation, please check out our dedicated Depolymerisation Website.

The objective of this online webinar is to highlight an important position of PET Depolymerisation recycling as a viable addition to the established mechanical recycling process, enhancing the circularity of PET & to discuss the current challenges of the industry.


                                           Agenda | 2 PM CET  | 19 OCTOBER 2023


2:00–2:05 PM: Welcome & Introduction by Raphael Jaumotte (Petcore Europe)

2:05 –2:15 PM: Overview of PET Depolymerization Status by Bruno Langlois (Carbios)

2:15 –2:25 PM: Regulatory Update, EC 10/2011 and EU 2022/1616, SUP and Reach by Leonor Garcia (Uetliberg partners)

2:25–2:35 PM: Specific BHET processes by Jesper van Berkel (Indorama Ventures) 

2:35–3:45 PM: Individual updates by the companies involved in the Petcore Europe’s Depolymerization WG


Speakers TBC:

3:45–4:00 PM: Coffee Break

4:00–5:10 PM: Individual updates by the companies involved in the Petcore Europe’s Depolymerization WG

Speakers TBC:

5:10–5:20 PM: Q&A Session

5:20–5:30 PM: Updates on the Flake Injection by Keith Kilmartin (PET Europe)

5:30–5:40 PM: Updates on textile recycling by Christian Crepet (Petcore Europe)

5:40–5:50 PM: Brand Owners view on how they perceive Depolymerization’s positioning. TBC

5:50–6:00 PM: Q&A and Closing Session