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MORETTO Spa obtains ISO 50001 certification

A further step toward corporate sustainability

Moretto has recently obtained the UNI EN ISO 50001 certification. This globally recognized certification attests to the adoption of an energy management system in accordance with international best practices outlined in the ISO 50001 Standard.

This significant achievement enables the company to monitor all energy-related information, promptly identifying process variations. This, in turn, enhances performance and mitigates environmental impacts associated with energy use and consumption over time, contributing to the attainment of crucial environmental sustainability goals.

The certification, acquired through a rigorous process of verification, monitoring, and analysis by an independent third party, supplements the company’s existing certifications. These include ISO 9001:2015, demonstrating Moretto’s commitment to ensuring that all actions and processes adhere to stringent quality standards. Additionally, the company holds the Carbon Footprint (Scope 1) certification, marking the initiation of a virtuous path towards assessing and managing the overall carbon footprint and environmental impact of the company.

For Moretto, obtaining ISO 50001 certification is not only a demonstration of compliance across various organizational domains—from the development and production of world-class auxiliary plastics processing machines to the maintenance and energy management activities at the group’s factories. It signifies the application of a systematic approach to continuously improving energy performance and the Energy Management System itself. This commitment ensures a reduction in waste and optimization of resources utilization, benefiting all stakeholders associated with the company.