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More sustainable cosmetic packaging: Aliplast (Hera Group) introduces the guidelines developed with Cosmetica Italia – the National Association of Cosmetic Companies – at Cosmoprof

Aliplast, a leader in the recycling of plastics and the manufacturing of secondary products, will take part in the upcoming edition of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, March 21-24, 2024, where it will present the white paper “Plastic Packaging in the Cosmetic Sector,” prepared together with Cosmetica Italia – National Association of Cosmetic Enterprises. This is the first time the industry has contributed to a paper containing guidelines for sustainable packaging design for the cosmetics industry

A concise guide (a so-called white paper) intended for manufacturers in the cosmetics industry, containing operational guidelines for designing easily recyclable cosmetic product packaging: This will be the calling card of Aliplast (Hera Group) at the Bologna trade fair Cosmoprof, an important international event for the cosmetics supply chains being held March 21-24.

The white paper, developed in collaboration with Cosmetica Italia – National Association of Cosmetic Companies, is titled “Plastic Packaging in the Cosmetic Sector – a guide for a more circular production.” With a very simple operational approach, for each individual type of plastic container (in PET, in HDPE and PP, in PE and PP) the white paper provides suggestions on how to design to ensure maximum recyclability at the end of life, in keeping with the guidelines of Recyclass and SPICE (Sustainable, Packaging Initiative for CosmEtics), a European initiatives of plastic recyclers and the cosmetics industry. With additional input from the Hera Group’s Circular Economy Team, advice is then provided for every polymer on how to design each packaging component: main body, closure system, container color, barrier layers, labeling, and use of decoration inks.

The white paper will be presented on Friday, March 22 at 4 p.m. at the Cosmetica Italia lounge (Service Center, Block D – 1st floor). The goal of the document and of the partnership between Aliplast and Cosmetica Italia is to promote the popularity of packaging that is visually refined and capable of enhancing product functionality but, at the same time, instrumental in eliminating waste. While cosmetic product packaging once struggled to hold together visual, commercial, and environmental concerns, today the circular economy principles guide much of the innovation in the beauty sector.

Carlo Andriolo, CEO of Aliplast, explains that “This guide is an opportunity for the entire cosmetics supply chain, which is strongly moving toward increasingly circular and resource-conscious products. This is not the first time Aliplast has made its know-how available for this strategic Italian market.  For some time, in fact, Aliplast has been collaborating with companies in the cosmetics sector to develop innovative packaging solutions in recycled plastic, thanks in part to the Aliplast Lab, where, together with our customers, we design products that are equal to a virgin material in terms of aesthetics and technical characteristics.”

In addition to the white paper presentation, Aliplast will use the Bologna event to showcase its commitment to sustainable innovation and the creation of circular solutions, being able to transform plastic waste into high-quality materials that can be used in a wide range of applications. Aliplast’s products guarantee remarkable performance in terms of transparency, gloss, strength and versatility, contributing to a more sustainable future. Their versatility makes them suitable for multiple uses, enabling cosmetic brands to integrate circular solutions into their products and adhere to increasingly stringent sustainability standards.

Aliplast’s approach to plastics recycling is, therefore, not only a contribution to the ecological transition that is ahead of us, but intercepts a new consumer sensibility, which is increasingly willing to recognize the value (including the economic value) of a carbon neutral product.

Carlo Andriolo will also be featured on a panel titled: “Resource Revolution: Inventing a Circular Supply Chain,” which will take place on March 22 at 2:30 p.m., in which companies from around the world will gather for a discussion on the transition from the linear economy. Participating in the panel discussion will be Deanna Utroske, one of the most respected critics in the cosmetics and personal care industry, who works in the beauty industry as a speaker, journalist, and company consultant.

Aliplast will be at Cosmoprof / Cosmopack at Hall 19, Booth no. C3PK, March 21-23