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Global Recycling Day: Pichetto, Italy is a leader, conscious behaviour counts

Minister: ‘Continued commitment in Europe to give value to successful model’ 

Rome, 18 March – Today is International Recycling Day, an initiative launched in 2018 by the Global Recycling Foundation.

“Italy – xplains Minister Gilberto Pichetto – wants to maintain its leading role in the circular economy, built up over years of commitment and investment in recycling. In the European negotiation on the packaging regulation, Italy has made its case and worked tirelessly to give value to this winning model, which has allowed us to reach most of the continental targets well in advance. We will continue to do so with determination”.

The Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security is committed, through the PNRR, to the construction of new waste management plants and the modernisation of existing ones, and has financed 1085 projects, particularly in regions with a plant deficit. To these are added the ‘circular economy light projects’ on specific materials, such as paper and cardboard, electrical and electronic waste, plastics, and textiles: on these initiatives, all the deeds of obligation have so far been signed with the implementers.

“The International Recycling Day –  adds Pichetto – also reminds us how important it is to invest in raising awareness and providing correct information to citizens and businesses, so that they consider recycling as a direct contribution to safeguarding the environment: a global challenge such as this cannot be decided at the desk – concludes the minister – but needs conscious daily choices and responsible behaviour on the ground”.