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CMG Granulators at NPE 2024 High Capacity Granulators for Post-Consumer Plastics

  • CMG Granulators will be at NPE show 2024 in Orlando from the 6th to the 10th of May.
  • Come visit us at booth W4489 and discover our innovative recycling solutions.
  • The EV916 super granulator will be displayed along with a brand-new evacuation & dedusting system.

The Largest System on Display: High Capacity & Heavy Duty for Post-Consumer Plastics Recycling

CMG Granulators will showcase the largest granulation system of the category, with capacity 15,000 lb/h.

Starting from the granulator unit model EV916, featuring a new state of the art cutting chamber design, the system on display will represent the latest solution innovation for plastics recyclers. Additionally, the system will be composed of evacuation cyclone with integral dedusting chamber and air/powder automatic filtration system. Also, the dimensions of the system are outstanding: 28 feet tall, with a footprint of 10 by 27 feet.

Innovation & Performance: New cutting chamber design

CMG Granulators is introducing a brand new cutting chamber design for its Evoluzione series granulators. The new rotor configuration allows the rotor blades to cut the plastic feedstock perpendicularly against the bed blades, obtaining the highest degree of cutting penetration and precision.

The rotor blades are mounted on the edge of the rotor holding modules and not on a holding block. Not only this feature is beneficial, as the inclination of the rotor blades is very high, but it also allows easy and quick servicing/replacement of the blades, with comfortable access from the front of the machine.

The rotation of the rotor does not produce the very detrimental “drag” effect, meaning the mass of material being ground in the cutting chamber does not rotate with the rotor producing lots of dust and fine particles, that will all become waste through the washing line. The production of fine particles is reduced to few percentage points, versus a common 15% or more from conventional granulators.

The rotor is of the open type design, taking only 30% of the cutting chamber volume.

The rotor/cutting chamber volume utilization ratio is 30/70, versus alternative ordinary granulators with 70/30 ratio. This feature alone allows more than double the quantity of material in the cutting chamber. The more is the material in the cutting chamber, the higher is the capacity of granulation.

The new cutting chamber has the so called “tangential set up”. Such characteristic confers voraciousness and guaranteed bite, with no need of feeding aid devices, commonly utilized with conventional granulators.

Continuous Improvement & New Developments: New Evacuation & Dedusting Systems

Along with its state-of-the-art granulator design, CMG Granulators is introducing a brand-new development that will premiere from the 6th to the 10th of May at NPE 2024:  the new range of evacuation, dedusting and powder containment system solutions. The unit on display is the largest of the category and can evacuate, convey, dedust an amount of regrind of up to 15,000 lb/h. The entire new range of the so called Regrind Evac Systems, starts at a capacity of 500 lb/h and, through a selection of 10 different sizes, reaches the impressive capacity of 15,000 lb/h.

The new evac systems operate under full vacuum, meaning the regrind material is evacuated from the granulator and is gently conveyed to a cyclone receiver and through a dedusting chamber, all of that under negative pressure. The advantages of using negative pressure are several, from not generating any dust or small particles by friction against the conveying pipe walls, to avoiding the impact against the blower impeller blades, utilized on conventional blow-thru evac systems. The regrind is then deposited in a storage bin, gaylord or big-bag while the powdery air is handled by a purposely designed automatic self-cleaning filter unit. The powder collected at the filter unit is automatically compacted and deposited/boxed for recycling or disposal. The complete system guarantees ZERO pollution to the environment and the degree of filtration of the air from the filter station can be adjusted in respect to local regulations or specific requests.

All new system solutions supplied by CMG Granulators will be equipped with the new Evac Systems, that are also offered as upgrade kits for existing/legacy granulation systems, CMG and non-CMG.

As all machinery and equipment supplied by CMG Granulators, the new line of Regrind Evacuation Systems is entirely designed, produced and assembled at the CMG production premises in Italy.

Energy efficiency at the highest level: Adaptive Motor Power

All CMG units for Recycling applications, feature the Adaptive Motor Power (AMP) function, unique in the size reduction industry. The granulator is able to autonomously establish which power level to adopt to carry out its work, according to quantity of material to be ground, shape, weight, thickness, type of plastic, and temperature of the piece. The AMP allows to optimize the quality of the regrind material to the maximum (dimensional and physical homogeneity of the regrind particle and absence of dust) and minimize the use of electricity. From 20 to 25 Wh/kg is the small amount of energy that a CMG granulator uses, compared to over 50 Wh/kg that a conventional unit consumes. The ROI for the AMP is less than 12 months.

Super granulators for post-consumer recycling

With the new Evoluzione series, CMG presents the EV916 and EV616 models, solutions suitable for the most critical operating conditions, for wet or dry granulation, which require high performance characteristics such as granulation capacity from 2,000 to 6.500 kg/h, versatility, efficiency and sustainability. The Evoluzione series guarantees operational consistency and wear resistance of a higher degree, with its construction solutions that involve the use of harmonic steel, Hardox and assembled modular structures. In addition to the precision to the hundredth of a millimeter on the construction of the new cutting chamber, which allows a much longer duration of the blades when compared to conventional models, all the Evoluzione are equipped with advanced controls, in the Industry 4.0 style, to make the machine functions 100% monitorable and manageable. Operating temperature, blade wear, productivity, operational efficiency, energy use, all functional parameters managed on the machine or remotely, with connectivity based on the OPC-UA protocol, are just some distinctive features.

Customer Service

With Headquarters, Production Site and Technical Centre in Italy and the world’s largest distribution network in the plastics industry, CMG is active worldwide with service and sales centres and localized technical skills. Find the nearest CMG service center at the following link https://www.cmg-granulators.com/en/contacts/