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TALLERES PENA: the Bimetal Experts

The Spanish company at its first participation in PRSE 2024: innovating sustainability, redefining recycling

Innovating with Tradition in Extrusion and Injection
Established in Barcelona in the late 1950s as a small family-run mechanical workshop, Talleres Pena has evolved into a leading company in the design, production and regeneration of Bimetallic barrels and screws for extrusion and injection processes.

Currently in its second generation, this family business employs 150 people and achieved a turnover of 24 million euros last year.

Its production activities are carried out in two factories, totaling over 6,500 square meters and located near Barcelona.

Talleres Pena offers a comprehensive range of products, including:

  • Bimetallic and nitrided barrels (mono/twin);
  • Single screws;
  • Double parallel counter-rotating twin screws;
  • Double parallel Co-rotating screws;
  • Conical twin barrels and screws.

Over its 60-years history, Talleres Pena has continuously adapted to market challenges through the foresight of its founders and current management.

The company has heavily invested in highly qualified personnel and advanced production technologies, making it the only company in the world capable of producing any type of screw, cylinder, or related technology in-house.

Design, processing and production of screws and barrels take place inside Pena factories

All heat treatments, such as Nitriding process (NITREX technology), Bimetallic Centrifugation of the barrels and the PTA (Plasma Transfer Alloy) process for the screws are completely carried out inside Pena facilities.

Tradition, innovation, and expansion into international markets define Talleres Pena’s success, with international sales now accounting for 70% of its turnover.
The company collaborates in over 35 countries worldwide.
In the field of extrusion, which is the most complex, the Spanish company has long specialized in the design and production of cylinders and screws of any diameter, length, and production technology.

A great strength that has allowed Talleres Pena to grow steadily, to interface with customers from the most diverse production sectors and to acquire unique technical know-how. The company is now steadily involved in different markets: from the transformation of plastic materials to the food sector, from textiles to recycling.

Initially focused on collaborations with OEMs, Talleres Pena has diversified its strategy: today the 70% of its turnover comes from collaborations with major plastics transformers in the international market.

This strategic shift allows the company to remain at the forefront of technological advancements and to offer innovative solutions to its customers.
Nevertheless, today Talleres Pena is still supplier to some of the most renowned OEMs in the fields of recycling, extrusion, and injection molding.
Renowned for its professionalism, Talleres Pena positions itself as a reliable technical partner. The company excels in analyzing customer needs and delivering efficient solutions for process optimization and high-performance products.

PENA´s technical department, with over 50,000 mechanical drawings created, is a cornerstone of the company’s strength. This department ensures the highest quality standards and provides exceptional assistance to customers such as bimetallic technology, heat and surface treatments, 3D CAD design, CAM applications, CNC mechanical machining and grinding.

Talleres Pena’s rich tradition, combined with its relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence, positions it as a global leader in the extrusion and injection technology market.

The commitment to the Circular Economy
Talleres Pena has long been involved in the circular economy and recycling sectors, collaborating with major international transformers.

This year, the company will debut at the PRS Europe fair, ready to showcase its latest innovations in the field.
Through abrasion or corrosion resistant alloys, advanced geometries, heat and surface treatments, Pena delivers products that excel in even the most demanding environments.

Pena collaborates with companies active in the recycling of post-consumer PP and PE; with companies operating in the world of recycling of PE films from post-consumer packaging, up to the recycling of agricultural PE films.

PVC recycling has been a long-established market for the Spanish company, which collaborates with all the major pipe manufacturers involved in PVC recycling.
Pena also boasts a very long international experience in the field of PET recycling.
Whether it’s enhancing durability of screws and barrels, improving performance, or maximizing efficiency, Pena tailors its solutions to meet the unique needs of each client.

The company shows strong commitment to sustainability also through a company policy aimed at full compliance with environmental protection legislation and regulations: 100% of the electricity consumed in the Talleres Pena factories comes from renewable sources and over 30% of the energy is self-produced with solar panels.

Talleres Pena will take the chance to deepen relationships with existing customers and establish new contacts during Plastic Recycling Show Europe 2024. Pena Team will present the latest innovations in the sector at booth W8.