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Less waste, more profit

From BINOVA, solutions for recycling and compounds of thermoplastic materials.

In Oleggio (NO), a few kilometers from Milan and Milan Malpensa airport, there is BINOVA, a young and promising company, founded by Luigi Maria Borzoni in 2006, making use of over 30 years of experience in the production of recycling lines. BINOVA designs and manufactures plants for recycling, compounding and extrusion of thermoplastic materials and already has over 70 production lines around the world.

The professionalism of the staff and the effective collaboration with suppliers, have made BINOVA a solid reality among the manufacturers of machinery in this sector, confirming itself as a reliable partner for its customers.

The great passion, the continuous research aimed at improving the products and the desire to carry out increasingly cutting-edge projects, are the foundations on which the philosophy of the team, made up of highly qualified engineers, technicians and workers, constantly engaged in research of new solutions to be applied to the world of polymers, is based.

In response to the ever-increasing demand for innovative solutions and systems for the treatment and extrusion of plastic materials, which are increasingly complex, BINOVA produces: complete systems for recycling and compounds, twin and single screw extruders, special cascade extruders, systems for production of masterbatches, as well as revamping existing lines and creating systems and accessories on specific customer requests.

BINOVA also produces, in cooperation with other manufacturers, special extrusion lines for the production of semi-finished products, directly using thermoplastic scraps, according to drp (direct recycling process), from scraps to finished product in a single step.

Recycling and compounding
BINOVA plants allow you to carry out in a single step what is normally made in two: recycling and compounding. This technology is able to process post-consumer material in the form of ground and non-ground sheets, coming from a washing plant or not. The pellet obtained guarantees a high quality final product.

Through the use of a co-rotating twin-screw extruder, the plants are able to compound scraps even with high residual moisture. The presence of a high vacuum degassing system, distributed over almost the entire length of the extruder barrel, allows the process of highly printed films (up to 80% of the print area).
From the mixing of raw materials, which takes place directly in the machine, a perfectly homogeneous material comes out, capable of raising the quality of the final product. The dosing system of the various components can be either gravimetric or volumetric. A new gravimetric control system for the ground film, even if with an apparent density of around 0.05 kg / dm3, has been patented and developed from the BINOVA research and development department: this guarantees the exact percentage of product that will feed the extruder.

Being able to do this process in a single step makes the line very competitive: customers are offered a unique product with reduced material handling within the production plant, and a proven reduction in energy consumption compared to systems on the market today. Compared to a traditional line with single screw, the twin screw extruder is able to guarantee up to 30% energy savings.

The conception of this technology is totally Made in Italy, with particular attention to the quality of all components.

The customer first
The immediate after-sales service, able to satisfy any customer need, combined with the high quality standard offered at an appreciable quality / price ratio, are the keystones that have allowed the company to achieve important results. The service includes a well-equipped spare parts warehouse, the installation and commissioning of machines and systems by qualified personnel available to the customer for start-up and fitting of the production process, as well as for the training of employees for use and maintenance of the plant. The BINOVA team offers continuous and immediate assistance even remotely, through production control and management software which, through an internet connection, allows to monitor and correct production parameters and troubleshoot any anomalies in real time.