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Interpack 2023, SACMI leads Europe’s green transition in rigid packaging

Offering customers profitable solutions to tackle the green transition is the goal of SACMI, which is presenting ready-to-market products and technologies in Düsseldorf. In the foreground are the tethered capsules but also the new internationally certified ‘lightweight’ package standards. So the challenge of circularity in PET

New tethered, lightweighting, recycle standards. These are SACMI’s guidelines at Interpack (trade fair Düsseldorf 4-10 May 2023). With one objective: to offer its customers immediate and tangible benefits by seizing the opportunities of the green transition.

SACMI is the only company in the world that governs every stage of the rigid packaging production process, from the capsule to the pre-form, through to the blow moulding and complete bottling lines.
In the production of capsules, SACMI has anticipated the EU Directive that requires, from 2024, the adoption of the new tethered standard.
With a complete range of capsules and a profitable method – post-process cutting and integrated quality control – SACMI is responding to all market needs, leading the transition.

New ultra-light standards
Among others, packaging is one of the industrial sectors that has worked hardest in recent years to improve its performance in terms of sustainability. Figures show an average reduction in container and capsule weight of even more than 50% since 2010.

Today, the latest evolution is called 26/22 mm (with the 25/22 variant), but there are also the new 29/25 mm lightened packages, a set of standards on which the SACMI Laboratory has developed ready-to-market solutions capable of reducing plastic consumption, on the package+capsule system, even by over 30%.

One of the challenges was to address this switch while keeping the best consumer experience for the customer at the centre. One example, the new GME 30.40 ‘tethered friendly’ neck capsules, but also the 26/22 water capsules with increased height, with considerable savings in raw materials.

Circularity challenge
From a 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recyle) perspective, the PET supply chain is the one most mature today to set up a circular economy approach, from resin recycling to the finished container for food use. This is why SACMI has long since implemented on its range of injection moulding presses for preforms the possibility of processing up to 50% of PET in the form of recycled flakes, up to 75% in the latest developments presented to the market.

What does this mean? Offering customers a technological answer to the challenge in a market scenario where the ecological transition is necessary, while the tools to achieve it – and the very existence of a complete recycling chain – are factors in the making.

Customer service
Even in Europe, the world’s beacon of ecological transition in the sector, manufacturers must measure themselves against a VUCA scenario – volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity – between stringent regulatory choices and the need to remain competitive in the face of global competition.

SACMI’s response is not only technological but has to do, first and foremost, with customer service and support, from the product idea to the technologies to make it, from revamping/efficiency of existing products to the implementation of new production standards, processes, raw materials. In short, SACMI sells first and foremost complete solutions, to tackle the transition with the right tools. Up to the new generation of vision systems where Artificial Intelligence becomes the key to governing these systems, also from the point of view of ease of use.

With SACMI Packaging & Chocolate, all the novelties for the world of chocolate and packaging
SACMI’s offering at the international fair is completed by SACMI Packaging & Chocolate’s range of machines and plants for processing and packaging chocolate and other food and non-food products. At Interpack, in particular, the SACMI Packaging & Chocolate proposal will be developed on the stand through an extensive experiential pathway, each dedicated to a specific industry: chocolate processing & moulding, chocolate packaging, packaging-other industries

High automation, extreme versatility and top productivity are the hallmarks of SACMI Packaging & Chocolate, whose brands have been a reference point on the European and international markets for over 110 years. Electronically controlled drives, reduced maintenance and machine set-up times, a multi-style and multi-format approach are just some of the plus points of the current SACMI Packaging & Chocolate proposal, to meet all the versatility requirements in the world of chocolate processing, traditional and flowpack wrapping, and secondary packaging.

SACMI awaits you at Interpack 2023 stand F06 Hall 4.