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Co-rotating twin-screw extruders Maris: a worldwide brand

When speaking about plastic materials and rubber mixing, characterized by high quality, Maris extruders are the answer

Founded in 1962 for the production of extruders and dies for pipes and profiles, MARIS has evolved over time becoming a protagonist in the early developments of polymeric products, with the ambition of giving its own contribution to the evolution of technologies related to them, making compounding its own mission. This mission was made possible in the 1970s with the construction of new generation co-rotating twin-screw extruders, with self-cleaning screws with modular sectors and, in the 1980s, with the production of extruders with two or three-lobes screws, used for the production of masterbatches and techno-compounds.
The continuous research and the considerable experience acquired has strengthened the role of MARIS as an international leader in its sector.

Constant technological evolution
“Our company can boast of being the owner of 100% of its own technology – explains Luciano Gallino, Sales Manager of F.lli Maris SpA. All the fundamental components of our machines are produced internally, with high-level production and quality processes: screws, barrels, process elements, control systems and, above all, gearboxes. This unique feature allows us to guarantee the production of spare parts even for the longest-lived extruders, now out of production.

We pay particular attention to the search for new construction materials to be used to make our machines more and more performing. The result is extruders that make versatility of use their strong point, for the most varied types of production related to compounding.
With the aim of offering the customer the widest choice, we are one of the few companies in the world able to customize and configure our extruders according to the specific needs of the customer, always designing tailor-made solutions.

In 2022 we celebrated 60 years of activity and constant technological evolution, also ranging in the world of rubber, adhesives and biomaterials. In the plastics materials sector, we traditionally manufacture compounding plants and in recent years we have approached the world of recycling with our new lines called “EVOREC”. At a time when the recycling of plastics plays a key role in the circular economy, we have studied and designed specific extruders to achieve this goal, capable of providing high quality and added value to the materials produced.

The intrinsic characteristics of co-rotating twin-screw extruders can guarantee not only excellent levels of homogeneity, degassing and filtration of the processed material, but also offer the possibility of adding fillers and/or additives. Thanks to the optimization of this process, the materials produced with MARIS extruders can improve their mechanical and aesthetic performance by transforming waste and scraps into the most popular compounds on the market. The processed plastics can be both highly selected and with a low content of contaminants (post-industrial), or partially selected with a higher content of contaminants (post-consumer) “.

Consultancy and support
MARIS offers its customers attentive and competent support in the world of extrusion through technicians available both on-site and remotely, to work out the most appropriate solutions together, to intervene promptly for the supply of spare parts, for modifications to the systems in case of changed production needs, or even to enhance its functionality. All systems are equipped with devices allowing remote connection and therefore the possibility to monitor the extruder even when not in presence.
The Piedmontese company also boasts a spare parts warehouse that houses over 12,000 screw elements, barrels and liners, gears and shafts for the gearboxes and a whole series of details and accessory devices necessary not only in case of unforeseen events, but also to implement effective maintenance, ordinary and predictive.
MARIS Technological Center carries out innovative and improvement analyses of each production process that uses co-rotating twin-screw extruders, thanks to a highly qualified technical staff capable of solving both internal and on-field problems such as start-ups, ordinary and extraordinary assistance, customer visits supporting the commercial department.
“We have customers all over the world – continues Gallino – and even if the potentiality of our plants has reached such levels that it is difficult to foresee substantial innovations, we constantly aim to improve them with specific configurations to adapt them to ever new application sectors and multiple uses. We collaborate with universities, national and foreign public and private entity for the development of important research projects including, in addition to those related to the compounding of plastic materials, those for the use of co-rotating twin-screw extruders in the production of vulcanizable rubber compounds, for the development of a rubber devulcanization process (for which we have obtained two patents), for the continuous production of solvent-based adhesive, as well as for polymerization processes.
Our great competence, combined with the flexibility and creativity that distinguish us, can meet every challenge and anticipate the needs of the market in order to propose innovative solutions of technological excellence”.